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Soltys Family's Fundraiser

Please Sponsor us to run for the kids at Darius House and Sunshine School

Join us and help make a difference in the lives of kids like Claudiu today!

$150 towards $500

This Sat. April 28th, RCE will hold its annual FUN RUN at the Landon School in Bethesda to help raise funds for Darius House kids and the Sunshine School. I am writing to ask you to sponsor the Soltys crew (Jim, Cindy, Sabine, and Anna) to run for those that can't and to help restore hope to children that have been abandoned or abused. We've been partners with RCE for 20 years and we would love your support on the run - well Cindy will mostly be walking :-)

Romanian Christian Enterprises for 25 years has been on the front lines rescuing abandoned and abused children with special needs in Romania. Children recuperate in Darius House and receive a top-notch special education at the Sunshine School. Through outreach and family assistance measures (such as microloans), RCE also works to prevent children from being abandoned or loss to human trafficking. They have rescued more than 100 abandoned children, placing them in families of their own and more than 2000 families have been helped through poverty prevention measures. Your donation goes directly to helping all the children at Darius House and Sunshine School. For more info about RCE or the Fun Run, check out their website:

Claudiu is one of the children who was rescued off the streets by RCE at age seven. By God's grace, Claudiu now has hope and a future. He will be at the race and walk this Sat. April 28th.

Please help us reach our fundraising goal so we can help more children like Claudiu by donating today!