Anna Claire Greta Bibo
Anna Claire Greta Bibo's Fundraiser

Sponsor the Bibo Girls as we run for the kids at Darius House and Sunshine School

$524 towards $300

In the past the girls have helped RCE by stuffing envelopes for mailings and picking out a Christmas gift for Sunshine school such as a pizza party. This year they are excited to join the event Run for Their Lives on April 28th.

Anna says" I want to support RCE so kids can have families and normal kid things like pizza parties."

Claire says "I want to support RCE because my Aunt works there and I also want to help orphans."

Greta says "I want to support RCE because I like people."

Tess has no comment but she promises to cheer for her sisters.

Romanian Christian Enterprises has been rescuing abandoned and abused children with special needs in Romania for more than two decades. Your donation goes directly to helping children like Claudiu recuperate in the Darius House and receive a top-notch special education at the Sunshine School! For more info about RCE or the Fun Run, check out their website: